About Me

Intantya Putrie is a writer and communication enthusiast. She has been passionate about writing and marketing business since long. 

Although in her high school (2008-2011) she selected as a part of science class, she remains on her interest to learn about social science in the next level. 

Thus, in the end of her high school year, she was offered a seat at Faculty Social Science and Humanity, UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, majoring in Communications, without taking any compulsory admission test through PMDK/SNMPTN Undangan program, and she accepted it. And yes, it became the beginning of her journey as a communication specialist.

During her university years, she chose Public Relations as her specialization. She also actively involved in various organizations either internal or external university. She actively writing productively for various purposes. She also had an opportunity for an internship at the second-largest state-owned corporation in Indonesia, PT PLN (Persero) Headquarters as a Corporate Communication. Beyond that, she also worked freelance as a writer to maximize her skills and teamwork experience.

Amid her busy college life, she never lost her spirit of learning at all. She proves that she is greatly passionate about communications. Hence, at the end of her university years (June 2015), she graduated and honored as The Best and The Fastest Graduate UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta in the period of 2014/2015, with GPA 3,78 and 3 years 9 month for her study period.

Following her graduation from UIN Sunan Kalijaga, she began to build her career; become a professional communication practitioner. 

Because of her passion, leadership, achievement, and also her independence, she was honored as one of the 10 most inspiring young women in Indonesia in the PIXY Young Inspiring Awards event, which eliminated more than 1,000 candidates in November 2015.

She has a big interest in writing, decorating, fashion, books, cooking, photography, and also her main passion; communication and marketing studies.

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