A Girl with Cotton Coat

10:26 PM

The rainy season is coming! It means we have to prepare some items like umbrella, sweater, jacket, or anything that keep you warm and safe. But how if we try to wearing coat that keeps you warm in the windy weather? I think this is a very good choice.

Coat & Jogger Pants : IFTA Butik (@iftabutik on Instagram) | Scarf : I bought in Madeenah | Bag : New Look | Shoes : Cotton On.

This is Indonesia, a country with high tropical temperature. No snow, no winter. But if you wanna get your style with coats, it is possible. Currently we can see so many variant of coats in any models, any materials, or cuttings. Moreover, the influx of Turkey's culture to Indonesia, has been give rise to new trend into Indonesian fashion.

Coat is one of Turkey's trend mode that has been entered in Indonesia. I think Indonesian's garment has been considering this chance, to produce a coat with lightweat materials that suitable to Indonesian's weathers.

Such as what I wear today, a coat with cotton materials. Hmm, maybe you can called this one as Semi-Coat? Right?

I made this one by my self. As we know, cotton has so many types. And this lovely coat using Bangkok cotton fabric. Thick, but soft and not stifling. The material is not rigid and very flexible to wear at rainy season or summer. Yes, if you wear this coat in summer, no problem. But I think in summer we better wearing an outfit with simple cutting and thin materials. It help yourself to be energic and get the comfortable in every activity.

I combine this lovely coat with jogger pants, which being my favorite bottom-outfit lately. As I told you before, jogger pants has so many function to be combined with any top, for Casual Looks to Formal Looks. That's why I have so many jogger pants and this color is my favorite.

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