Komando Strategi Advertising (KostrAd)

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After finished all of my assignment on my college, huffff finally, I have a lot of time to post this event. This event from one of community or organization in my college, from my department, Communication Science, Faculty of Social and Humanities UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta. As well as you know, that Communication science has soooo many branch, specification and field, there are advertising, photography, public relations, broadcasting and so on. And for now, I will tell you about one of organization in my faculty, that active in Advertising circle, that I include in it, and I'm a part of this organization, yeah altough I'm not an active member, meeeeheheheh :p because I have so many activity 

KostrAd. But so sorry I haven't know the philosophy of this logo. :(
KostrAd is one of the extras organization that owned by the Communcation Science's program at UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta. KostrAd, is the abbreviation of Komando Strategi Advertising, yes. Absolutely this community active in Advertising circles. KostrAd was founded in September 2006, and until now KostrAd has about 130 members. After had a vacuum in a lot of time, (hmm actually so sad if hear it), finally in 2012,  KostrAd  rise up again. Yea. To get new atmosphere in  KostrAdKostrAd held an open recruitment for all students to be a new member. Also with a new leader, who called "Jenderal" in this organization. The "jenderal" now is Muhammad Fakhriansyah, take over for the old Jenderal, kak Yulinggar Adhi who also the pioneer of  KostrAd .

As a sign of the return of  KostrAd in his success, KostrAd held an ads exhibition that  showing off the artworks of the old members and new members of  KostrAd. The exhibition, titled "The reborn of KostrAd" was held in the Interactive Centre, such an indoor hall in faculty of Social and Humanities UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta. In accordance with the specified themes, Reborn, so the exhibition hall was designed dark, with low lighting, but still elegant. The black backdrop made the candle light as the only light in the hall more beautiful and look so elegant. Ah, so happy  can enjoy the exhibition that was held for 3days. The candle light illuminated the artworks, and I really really enjoying this exhibition. Really. So happy that my department has so many creative peoples, and I can be the part of it.

I just took some picture in this exhibition,

After a successful exhibition was held, until now KostrAd continue to hold such the guidance to learn and tutoring about advertising and also continue to develop interesting activities through the creativity and the artwork. 

Yea, I hope KostrAd really ON again. Stay creative, keep up at the good work, be the greatest and what it is. Amin!

True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.( Kebenaran seni adalah ditandai oleh dorongan yang sangat dalam dari seorang seniman kreatif ) - Albert Enstein

Hidup adalah seni, banyak cara untuk memberinya warna sesuai apa yang kita inginkan untuk menjadikannya kisah yang menarik. Berkaryalah, maka kamu akan mengenal segalanya.  - Intantya Putrie

Jangan pernah berhenti berkarya. Seniman atau bukan, semua manusia itu punya kreativitas. Semua manusia punya warna yang menarik, manusia itu unik. Keep on the spirit high and more creative! 
Salam KostrAd

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